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My name is Johnny Hull and I am the owner/inspector of To The Top Property Inspections. With 20 years of project management, and home systems experience, my inspections are among the best in the area. I am AHIT certified, NRPP certified, and a member of INTERNACHI.  

Attention to detail


Having spent over 12 years in the United States Army, I earned the rank of Captain and held several leadership positions to include a company command. I like to think that my attention to detail and dedication to my work assisted in these achievements. I served our country for a very long time, trust me when I say that I am looking forward to serving you.

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Put your mind at ease knowing that what is likely the largest investment of your lifetime is in very capable hands. When you choose To The Top Property Inspections, you will get the top inspection with affordable pricing. T3 is not only here for your inspections, but once you move in, if you have any questions at all, I will be there to assist you. 


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Moisture readings as well as Carbon monoxide testing helps to ensure a smart purchase

The T3 basic home inspection is anything but basic. I crawl through the spaces you wouldn't think to look and find things you wouldn't think you would find. In this inspection I will cover all major systems in the home including HVAC, Plumbing, Roof, and  Electrical, I will also be inspecting for structual integrity through the founation, crawlspaces, and attics. All major appliances will get tested  as well. An easy to read report will be emailed to you within an hour of your inspection's completion and if you choose, If you would like the report to be emailed to your agent, please let me know at the time of the inspection.  

Upon the completion of the inspection, I will offer you a comprehensive walk through. I will identify my top concerns for the property, improvement ideas for existing systems, and basic maintenance advice pertaining to your new home. 

KEY NOTE: All my inspections are in accordance with the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors standards of practice along with state laws,  Click below to view the standards of practice.

NACHI Standards of Practice

Featured Service #1


One of our featured services includes radon testing. Radon is the number two cause for lung cancer following smoking. Your house acts as a vaccuum and pulls this lethal gas into your home. I use a Continuous radon monitor or CRM to detect this threat and report it to you. The test itself takes as liittle as 2 days but we can test as long as you would like.

Featured Service #3


Septic dye testing is another service we offer. We realize there are mixed reviews on this service due to the many different factors that go into it. Existing tank level, weather, vacant housing, are just a few factors  that can be named  However, we strive to offer any service that may assist you in the decision to  purchase  your home. This test could in fact identify a defective septic system or trace gray water to an unwanted area.

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